Our main goal is attracting your visitors to become potential customers.
We are building a healthy relationship with you. We do not just want you to stop and buy our services, we want to help you with everything.
We are sure that our experienced team and our modern internet marketing tools will help you to build successful business.

Brand Book is one of the main components that helps the organization to position itself among the target audience. In the absence of a brand book, Your employees can perform work focused on a different audience, and in fact the main task of each organization, to be directed at their target customers.

With the help of high-quality, easy to use original site, you can increase your customer base. We will offer you an individual design that will fit (match) with the theme of services or goods.

This type of advertising is one of the key ways of brand recognition, goods, services, brand, promotions, sales. Competent presentation Of your advertising on the thematic site, Internet portal, video, banner will attract a lot of new customers and sales, respectively.

If you are interested in media advertising working for you 100% , than Agency Kirienko is special for you.

Contextual advertising

Income rises = costs fall

Contextual advertising is the most effective way to increase sales on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Agency Kirienko is Your leader in killer optimization.

Simply put, it is a search engine optimization that takes traffic away from free, natural search results in search engines.

We create websites of different types, for large and small companies with any activity. We implement Internet projects of any configuration and technical complexity: landing page, corporate website, business card website, online stores, personal websites, as well as complex solutions.

Your business needs to copy information, from website pages that drive sales, to blog posts that attract customers on social media.

It is here that our Agency Kirienko company appears. We can quickly and easily help you get quality

content from a network of approved authors, and provide you with a great taste of content that will give your business a boost like never before.

Quickly=Qualitatively=Adequately on thoughts and price.


We have been developing sites since 2015, and for this time have formulated a clear algorithm for how to make your business on the network successful with the help of a quality web resource and further promotion of the site.


Acquaintance, brief and forecasts. At this stage, our cooperation, We are studying you. We produce Analytics according to Your wishes, needs and tasks.

– We make a table of priorities of features- we implement Your ideas and ideas.
– Create a portrait of the visitor and client.
– We determine the cost of the client and how to attract him, on the basis of this we provide the primary budget of the advertising company.
– We explain to you all the offers, means and ways to attract the client. We answer your questions and ask our own.


At this stage, we perform a number of analytical actions with your competitors.

Find pros and cons in their work and promotion.

Create a table of characteristics, which determine what we stand out from the competition.

As a result of the analysis, we get a clear understanding of how and what offer we can entice the client from competitors. We issue a ready-made offer, and prices.


Development of models and algorithms

Based on all the information received, we design the main pages of the site in layouts. We describe the algorithms of work on the part of the client and the hardware.

At this stage, we are working with you on the concept of the entire site, which is selling and correct.

We make a complete description of the algorithms for solving specific problems relating to the functions and management of the site.


Design is one of the main conditions of good sales.

Our designer is working on the appropriate layouts selling and comfortable design. In turn, this fully contributes to the marketability of the page itself, and increase interest in it.

This stage includes full elaboration and detailed development of all page elements, according to which the concept of your site will be observed.

Our movements contribute to a good resource conversion. All results are discussed and approved with you.


The approved design and the full concept of the site goes into the hands of a team of programmers and coders.

In their hands the whole idea of your site is realized. All developments are carried out taking into account the ease of operation and download, using the latest versions of the developer tools.

The website issued by our company always corresponds to the norms, rules and trends of modernity.

Create a website on automated management systems for site owners.


This step is one of the main, in terms of profit.

Advertising on the Internet will allow you to get the first client.

We will not focus on one of the ways, because we work with a variety of ways and services.

We will offer you the most effective way to promote based on your needs, requirements, and target audience which should visit the site.


– A lot of pages analyzed for the current Google location of your site.

– New ideas and suggestions to improve keyword results.

– Easily understandable to the perception of the report on the identified problems.

– We will do everything for providing you a comfortable work.

If your site is struggling for ranking, it is due to errors on the SEO page.

One of the common SEO errors that we fix on hundreds of client sites.

If the optimization on the page is not done correctly, all other efforts are useless.



Digital design
Brand Marketing
Internet Marketing
Web Development
Copy Writing



We have chosen the company "Digital Agency Kirienko " as a developer based on many factors, including many years of experience in the development of various types of web resources, including landing page, and the professionalism of the team, as well as compliance with all deadlines.
Having experience of cooperation for more than 2.5 years, we can distinguish "digital Agency Kirienko" as a reliable and responsible partner in the field of Internet marketing and development of web projects for our company.

Dmitriy Kovalenko, Konfetteria.


In the beginning there was a lot of doubt whether our company needs a project and construction company promotion on the Internet and what results it will bring.
But later, when the company "digital Agency Kirienko" made it so that our company began to receive requests from customers and increased sales, we changed our mind.
We Express our gratitude to all the professionals of the company, for the deep study of the scope of our activities and wonderful results.

Andrey Kuznecov, Lux Master Stroy.


We thank the company "digital Agency Kirienko" for the performance of all the agreed works within the time specified by us.
Was the execution of such works:
- Creation of our company's website;
- Writing content on the site;
- Filling of goods;
- Promotion on the Internet Google and Yandex;
We have previously reviewed all of our possible competitors features of our business, which plays a very important role in the result that we have received.

Evegeniy Kolvah, ARS - Integration.



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